Saturday, October 1, 2016

Piano Survivor: October Edition

The votes are in, and the choice was clear. September's favorite concert pianist was:


This month we're going to hear Lang Lang take on Valentina Lisitsa playing Franz Liszt's La Campanella. La Campanella, which means "little bell," remains one of the most famous pieces ever written for the piano, even after 165 years!

You will have until October 31 to cast your votes, either in the comments section below or in person at your lesson. Remember, everyone in your family can vote!

In the red corner, Lang Lang is back! Lang Lang is a very popular concert pianist from China. His emotional performances make him a crowd favorite.

In the blue corner, welcome Valentina Lisitsa! Valentina was born in Ukraine, where she originally intended to become a professional chess player. We are all glad that she decided to foster her early love of music instead. Her detailed and athletic playing astounds audiences all over the world.

Remember to listen carefully when watching each video. Clearly both performances are amazing, but which did you like better? Why?